Los Lorcas: Written Works

The Poetry Foundation:
Upon Hearing Amy Winehouse at St. James’ Church in Dingle

By Partridge Boswell

Grief without song could be any stone chapel built of loss
packed with aging villagers lulled reticent as rue
by a rote bell’s tongue, hemmed by iron gates and a yew

The Lascaux Review:
Ode to a Bee on the Small of Your Back

By Partridge Boswell

Blind to what tickles the delta of nerves there
you rub a humming with the back of your hand, surprised by the soft pulse of a drowsy bee


By Partridge Boswell

That you can’t talk yet—can only blink and smile

 yes and no (both for perhaps)—makes perfect sense.

You’ll find words later, or not, to correct journalists’

Plume: Ode to My Dap

By Partridge Boswell

rising in a clarion chorus—a riff’ll
split wide open the moment they
reveal before us life in the key
of song. Soon as I get my dap down
I’ll belong. I’ll rewrite her/history

Green Mountains Review:
Ode to Westminster Street

By Partridge Boswell

— after cummings and Spinoza

We do not know what a body can do…
how when she crossed the street

The New Math

By Partridge Boswell

There may still be time to find the cosine of x. Under an à la mode
mountain of leases and loans, didn’t I taste the square root of π’s

Plume Poetry | Ithaca Lit | The Tishman Review

Poetry Center San Jose:

Partridge Boswell reading “Pop a Wheelie”, winner of the Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize 2017, judged by Ellen Bass. Well-RED Reading Series at Works/San José, art and performance center 12 December 2017.

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Aztecas on a Hot Night in Phoenix

By Pam Davenport

Sudden lights, street and Kliegs,

illuminate lofty skinny crimson feathers

at a complex we drive past daily.

Letter to America

By Partridge Boswell

America, here’s the thing…

I’m my son’s age again on a Greyhound bus packed with

friends and chaperones–patriots from our hometown